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I had just received my new Dell laptop computer with window 10 (I was using Vista on my other computer so I was totally unfamiliar with windows 10. The first thing that hit me was that I could hardly understand them (the accent was so thick!!) I sked them several times is this Dell?

To which they answered yes! I say "they" because there was the original guy and then the one at the end that "twisted my arm" by saying I'd have to pay no matter where I went: where in fact I had paid for 2 yrs premium support thru dell, so there was going to be no charge. They swore up and down they would fix the problem...they didnt - I ended up figuring it out. They refused to refund my money, even though the problem wasnt fixed when we hung up.

I called my bank to file a grievance!! and stop payment.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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